Do I qualify for any of these?

___ Household Income at or below $65,000

___ Homeowner

___ On or going on Medicare

___ Bills in my or my spouses name

If you answered Yes to any of these questions let’s talk.

Getting Started

It is always best to schedule an appointment, you can do so by calling 815-288-9236 and asking to speak with the Outreach Department or  your individual case worker.  Outreach hours are 8:30 am – 3:00 pm daily, Monday through Friday.  Late appointments may be considered on a case by case basis.

What is Outreach?

Noun: the activity or process of bringing information or services to people.

Applications we assist with:

Benefit Access Application (aka: License Plate Discount or Circuit Breaker) – Income and age (or disabled) based program to obtain a license plate renewal sticker at $75 off of the normal price.

Tax Assessment Freeze/Senior Homestead Exemption – Income and age based program to obtain an exemption on your property taxes and to freeze the equalized assessed value of your home, aiding some relief on the property tax bills.

Medicaid (Medical Card) – State assistance with medical costs even if you have Medicare as they work together.  Income and asset based, certain exclusions apply.

QMB – A Medicaid program that gets your Part B premium back on your check.  Income and asset based.

Extra Help (aka: Low Income Subsidy) – A Federal program designed to help lower income (and asset) individuals with their Part D plan premiums and medication costs.

SNAP (aka: Food Stamps or Link stands for Supplemental Needs Assistance Program) – State assistance program to aid lower income individuals with obtaining food each month.  Income based.

LIHEAP – (aka: Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) – Seasonal income based program (prior 30 days) to assist those with their utility bills (ie: gas, propane, electric).

Medicare Part D – Plan comparisons are prepared using individual information and application for enrollment is then completed. We are Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) certified.

Farmer’s Market Coupons – Seasonal income based program to assist in receiving goods from the local Lee County farmers markets.

Other programs and services:

Caregiver Assistance – Respite or GAP (when available) Respite helps provide a break for the caregiver by getting a homemaker or CNA into the home when needed or even placing the recipient in a facility for a short term (usually no longer than 5 days) stay.  Services are limited and are based on a case by case situation.  GAP service is available for assisting in a specific need that a caregiver or the recipient cannot afford in partial or full.  Services vary and are based on a case by case situation.

General GAP service – (when available) Individual assistance varies and is a case by case situation, anything from assisting in the purchase of groceries, reclining lift chairs, major appliances, minor repairs, vehicle or homeowners insurance payments, rent payments, etc. Payments may not be in full as this is an assistance program though we will also look to other agencies to help when needed.

ITAC (Illinois Telecommunication Access Corporation) – State program, No income or age requirements.  Having trouble hearing on your land-line or cellular phone, we can get you a device for free.

Medicare Counseling – Explaining the various parts of Medicare, assisting in the understanding of your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) and True Out of Pocket expense reports (TrOOP), aiding in Medicare appeals and even sorting out your mail, what’s important vs. what’s not when it comes to Medicare.  We are Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) certified.

Support Assistance – Helping you find local support groups and information or contacts on specific needs (i.e.: Alzheimer’s).

Referral Assistance – Need to know a number for a specific resource such as Lifeline, homemaker assistance, Food Pantry, Meals on Wheels, one time assistance aid, prescription assistance programs not related to Medicare or Medicaid, subsidized housing, etc. we can help.

Medical Supply Loan Closet – No requirements, if you need small durable medical equipment check with us to see if we can help.  Such equipment includes items like walkers (standard and easy glide), canes, wheelchairs, shower chairs, transfer benches, safety bars, safely on/off toilet handles and crutches.

Transportation Cards (LOTS) – Lower income individuals can receive discounted Lee-Ogle Transportation punch cards (21 local rides).

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